Cantara Mobile Apps

Cantara Mobile Apps for JD Edwards

The fundamental goal of mobile applications is to provide the user with a portable tool that provides a streamlined and highly efficient interface, tailored to the business processes they perform on a regular basis.

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Cantara Mobile App Capabilities

Discover the capabilities of the Cantara Platform tailored for Oracle JD Edwards ERP integration. From live access to JDE functions and push notifications to seamless online and offline operations, Cantara ensures a mobile experience like no other. Bypassing generic solutions, we offer customized mobile application templates for rapid deployment. With all-inclusive licensing, embrace an efficient and cost-effective mobile ERP journey. Dive in now.

Real-Time JDE Access

Live access to all JDE functions, data and reports

Instant Order Alerts

Push notifications for order approval requests and scheduled job status advice

Media Mastery

Full media object capabilities, including image capture and markup, text and document attachments

Seamless Offline Functionality

Online and offline operation, supporting teams working outside of network coverage

Unlock Device Potential

Access to device features - GPS, barcode scanning, temperature and pressure sensors, fingerprint readers etc

Secure and Simplified Login

Native JD Edwards security and login, or Single-Sign-On with external authentication

Remember Me Security

Security token authentication with "Remember Me" capabilities for blind logins from the device
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Tailoring Efficiency to Mobile ERP Challenges

Providing mobile applications that use an organization's ERP solution creates a unique problem for organizations and their ERP vendors. Mobile applications have user interface and program-flow requirements that differ from traditional desktop applications. The fundamental goal of mobile applications is to provide the user with a portable tool that provides a streamlined and highly efficient interface that is tailored to the business processes they perform on a regular basis.

We understand that the use cases for mobile applications and standard desktop ERP applications are different. It is possible to deliver desktop applications with one-size-fits-all user interfaces that are more cost-effective than developing custom business applications. This is typically not the case with mobile applications. Mobile applications should require only minimal information and user interactions to complete a task. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the corporate mobile application space.
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Rapid Mobile App Development

Since there are significant differences between mobile and desktop applications, we do not provide generic applications for common business processes. Instead, we offer mobile application templates that allow for rapid creation of mobile applications that are specifically tailored to unique requirements. Templates make it is possible to define and deploy a mobile application in a few hours as opposed to days and weeks. The templates include features and capabilities that are used on a regular basis. These include interactions with media attachments, barcode scanning, and image capture functions.

The Cantara Platform enables us to build business specific mobile applications for your Oracle JD Edwards ERP system. The applications are built using pre-developed components which are currently available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Microsoft .NET, Java and the Spring MVC Web platforms.

All-Inclusive Licensing Benefits

All Cantara Integration Platform capabilities are included in both our Standard and Enterprise Edition licenses. This means that whether you have one or ten thousand devices, there are no additional license fees.

Real-time Service Management is now at your fingertips.

The Rinami Service Management Mobile Solution is a feature-rich interface, tailored to your specific business processes.

Utilise the capabilities of mobile computing to effortlessly capture data and streamline processes - improving the efficiency of staff in the field and providing you and your customers with the best tools for efficiently servicing and maintaining equipment.

Service Management in the Field

There are many challenges in the field, and a fit-for-purpose tailored mobile solution can help in many ways. Knowing what work needs to be performed, when, where to go, how to get there, what parts are likely to be required, who to advise that you are coming etc, etc. It can be daunting.

Mobile Solutions can provide all this information and more in an organised, accessible format, with workflow messaging and contact details accessible with a click. The team back in the office will also know where everyone is, so that they can update client queries and help to keep the team safe.

Device features enhance the usability, user feedback and data that can be quickly captured, for equipment location, authorisation or proof of delivery signatures, and recording notes and photographs that would not normally be logged.

Best of all the transactions are in real-time, with accurate parts issues, labour time entry, work order updates and invoicing all possible.
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Mobile Service Management

Utilise the power and features of modern mobile computing to enhance the accuracy of your data with real-time transactions and user friendly applications.

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Work Orders and Real-Time Transactions

Mobile applications are tailored to meet your Business Requirements, with the refined filters and functionality that you require.

Work Order transactions can be performed in real-time from the field, with feedback on entitlements and up-to-date information at your technician's fingertips. Work Order and Equipment status can be processed live, with Parts issues and Labour records always up-to-date.

Technicians can view manuals and all Work Order attachments on the device, and inquire on Parts availability and Base Price to give the Customer an informed opinion of the best course of action, including checks of Entitlement Status where warranty or service contracts are in place.

Completed work is Signed-off with Signature capture and related Parts/Labour details saved as Work Order image attachments.
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