Cantara Mobile Modules

Cantara Mobile Modules

Fit for purpose. Industry specific.

Cantara Modules offer an accelerated path to creating a mobile app for your enterprise. They provide everything your app will need, with completed screens and logic that focuses on specific business activities.

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Simplify App Creation

Think of Modules as building blocks made for your industry. There are Cantara Modules for Asset Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, Purchasing... They are designed to work together and deliver reliability and performance that you can count on.

Combine Multiple Modules to Build Your App.

A Cantara mobile application can include as many Modules as your task requires. The architecture of Cantara Modules enables them to work together seamlessly.

Work order creation, labor time entry, cycle counts, purchase order approvals... Select the Modules you need, and just customize the styling.
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What Does a Module include?

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Pre-built screens

Jumpstart your app development with ready-to-use screens that accelerate your project.
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Configurable design

Create a unique user experience by tailoring colors, labels, and logos to match your brand identity.
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Network connectivity

Ensure seamless data flow and real-time updates with robust database and network integration.
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JD Edwards Integration

Integrate effortlessly with JD Edwards for streamlined operations and data synchronization.

Available Modules

Select a module from the list below to view the description and included use cases. Where available, screen captures and additional information can be viewed by clicking on the module's icon.
Stock on hand, availability and commitments inquiry.
  • Search for Items across multiple attributes with multiple search terms
  • Filter Items by categories
  • View and add Item Master image attachments
  • View Item Balance, commitments and availability for locations in one or in multiple Branches
  • Integrated with Inventory Transfer, Inventory Issue, Inventory Adjustments and Work Order Issue to search for Item locations
  • Barcode scanner with intelligent Item Number matching against other Item attributes (e.g. Catalog Number or Supplier Item)
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