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Mobile Innovations in Livestock Management

Rinami's mobile application revolutionizes livestock management for agribusinesses, enabling farmers to actively monitor and manage their livestock directly from their mobile devices. This innovative app not only collects and interprets data in real-time but also provides actionable insights that are crucial for on-the-spot decision making.

With features tailored specifically for agricultural needs, users can track the health, productivity, and location of their animals effortlessly. This seamless integration of technology into daily operations empowers farmers to optimize their resource allocation and improve overall herd management. By focusing on ease of use and accessibility, Rinami ensures that even in remote or rural areas, agribusiness professionals can leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance their operational efficiency and animal welfare standards.

Our unique value

  • Able to deliver integration into the enterprise with wearable devices that facilitate hands free operations and fast data capture
  • Providing solutions with real time capabilities for better decision making
  • Understanding of requirements of maintenance activities within Agri business
  • Experience in business process design and automation activities to add value to the business

Maintenance Events

Due to the vast nature of agricultural businesses it is important to be able to make decisions quickly out in the field with regards to maintenance activities.

Wearable innovation

Rinami have been able to provide Agri businesses with ability to manage work activities through wearable devices by issuing alerts that an event has occurred.

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