The dynamic change and innovation that typically characterize the interesting business of service providers also presents challenges which Rinami can help you overcome.

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Simplify Logistics Operations for Greater Efficiency

Managing delivery schedules, workflows, and transportation data are just a few of the tasks that logistics companies have to perform on a regular basis. Delegating these tasks to multiple systems not only threatens their level of efficiency, but also threatens return on investment (ROI). Those that try some of the traditional methods of managing commercial logistic activities, soon discover they are cost and labor-intensive.
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Diverse Supply Chain Proficiency

Enhancing logistics with tailored RFID, barcode solutions, and robust supply chain planning for diverse operational needs.

Adaptive Logistics Experience

Experience working with numerous organisation with varying logistic and supply chain requirements

RFID and Barcode Integration Expertise

Expertise in delivering radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcode data capture solutions that is developed on top of JD Edwards

Advanced Mobile Tracking Solutions

Completion of numerous development projects with mobile warehouse management and supply chain tracking capabilities

Strategic MRP and Lean Planning

Strong supply chain planning experience that includes using material requirements planning (MRP) and lean methodologies

Expertise in Manufacturing Finance

Experience with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), bulk material handling including fuel, port, and distribution center operations

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