Rinami Asset Performance Suite

Rinami Asset Performance Suite

RAPS integrates and extends native JD Edwards components to support sophisticated and large-scale capital asset management implementations.

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Oracle Validated Integration - JD Edwards - EnterpriseOne

Asset management made easy

RAPS provides a configurable asset inspection and testing solution to enable work scheduling and mass changes from a single form. Sophisticated, hierarchical preventative maintenance plans that allow PM schedules to be applied and updated in mass.

RAPS comprises of four integrated modules

Service Logic

Service Logic

The Service Logic module centralizes the definition of repetitive service cycles into re-usable “Cycle Type” elements, which define the service intervals for all meters/days and the sequence of “Cycle Step” service types in the cycle. The solution integrates the process of centralizing the definition of associated Cycle Step service types for traditional non-cyclic service types. It also provides the ability to define the hierarchy of Asset and Equipment attributes and Category Codes, which determine which Cycle Types are applicable.

Management of PM Schedules centrally for similar Equipment

Management of cyclic Service Types, without Associations

Hierarchies to manage standard and exceptional circumstances based on Asset/Equipment attributes

Reusable Cycle Types with defined Service Steps and Intervals are applicable to any Asset, with rules driven Model WO Assignment

Flexibility to manage Overrides and Exceptions

Push-out of PM strategy changes to similar Equipment from one source

Full compatibility with standard CAM functionality and standard CAM objects

Association templates to apply PM Schedule associations automatically

Rules-driven assignment of Model Work Orders, for consistent and correct selection, without duplication or omission

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